About us?

Voyager Communication Agency has specialized for 5 years in the development of communication strategies and products in multiple formats and for different types of clients.

Voyager's objective is to provide innovative and creative communication solutions to social organizations, public institutions and private companies, according to their needs and possibilities, with an emphasis on the use of digital platforms and audiovisual production.

Voyager is a venture that brings together professionals with knowledge and experience in different areas of communication such as journalism, audiovisual production, graphic design, social networks, systems engineering and strategic communication. We also have advisors on specialized topics.

At Voyager we also have cutting-edge video equipment, software, applications and technological tools, to be able to work autonomously in the development of communication products of high technical quality that respond to the changing reality of technology.

We work as a team and in an interdisciplinary manner, and we also have a lot of experience in participatory processes and specialized topics.

For us, each project we tackle is an opportunity to inspire change and tell meaningful stories.

At Voyager Comunicación, your mission becomes ours.
Work Team

Meet our work team

Juan Diego Arguedas

Founding Partner and Technology Specialist

Andrea Alvarado Vargas

General Strategist and Project Coordinator

Randall Vega

Journalist and Audiovisual Producer


Audiovisual producer


Branding and UX Specialist


Visual Artist and Graphic Designer

Alfredo Navas

Web Artisan I WordPress I React I Gatsby



Project Evaluation. Specialist in reproductive rights.